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Wesley to Folks, 10/24/1943 

Oct 24, 1943 Sunday

Dear Folks:

Its Sunday again and I must try and answer a few letters, I received a letter Dad wrote Oct 5th, sure was glad to get it. I read the part to the boys where you told me what you had for supper it was when Mom & Jean went to O'Neill. "Hoot" said to tell you when you wrote next time just say you had "stew" and it won't make us quite so hungry.

How is everyone at home? I'm same as ever. I haven't got much mail lately just your letter one from Quentin & one from Audette I haven't even got one from Virginia for over 2 weeks. I got the Stuart paper last night that had us guys picture in it sure isn't very plain is it? Yes I got the enlarged picture of Laurence & Silver it sure is good I have it taped to my mosquito bar rack and every one looks at it. And admires the horse. (Ha Ha)

You ask where Joe Cox was from. He's from Missouri, He is rather old and has been taken out of Ken's squad. Ken has had 2 different first gunners since I left. I have the same boys except one that was discharged I guess I told you that before. The school we went was a gunning school they couldn't learn us anything but we got some good experience.

Uncle Lewis sure did come out on top with his alfalfa seed. I wouldn't mind have some myself. What is Vernon's horses like now? Does he have the big black mares yet?

Kenneth is here laying on my bed we been talking and I haven't been getting much writing done. There isn't much to write anyhow. Did you get the letter I wrote and sent the money order?

Well I've got to shave before dinner and do some work around the tent I'll write some more after dinner. I hope they have something good.

Gee Folks I started this letter yesterday morning and intended to finish it last night and didn't get around to it. We had a pretty fair dinner yesterday and last night we saw a double feature show. One of them was a William Boyd picture.

Yesterday afternoon Wallace O'Connell came up to see me I sure was glad to see him as it was the first time since the 4th he seemed well and happy. I probably won't be seeing him so much from now on.

Well folks its chow time I just stold a few minutes to finish this before dinner. I hope it finds you all well and happy. I'm OK. Oh yes you can change my A.P.O. from 708 to 37 tell everyone that I write to, Quentin too. So Long and Don't Worry Love Wesley