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Wesley to Mother, 08/22/1943 

Aug 22, 1943 Sunday

Dearest Mother

Its another Sunday, but to me its different. Its your birthday Mom. Sure wish I was there to help you celebrate. I got up this morning and went to church, I'm on duty today as Charge of Quarters for the company I'm at the orderly tent. It isn't hard work mostly just waiting for the telephone to ring one thing I really can be thankful for is I got lots of mail today 7 letters 2 of them were from you and one was written the 11th so that isn't at all bad.

I sure am glad you are getting along good with the haying. I had a letter from Izetta she said they were getting along good too said they had lots of trouble in the ruff ground.

I hope I get some more magazines from you soon 3 is all I have gotten so far I really get lots of enjoyment from them lots of times during noon hours I read a story. Helps take your mind off of other things. The other boys of the squad think they are all right too. They usually have them read before I do.

I sure was glad to hear Virginia had bought her a outfit of her own. She must have really been doing good the last few weeks in her letters she always tells me how busy she's been.

So you saw Bones Tompson again I'm glad he has a good place now. He really is the kind that looks good in uniform a neat soldier always goes places.

There isn't anything different I can tell you all I want you to know is I've been thinking about you all day and hope you had a very happy Birthday. I guess the next one on the list to have a Birthday is that pretty little married Sister. What's the matter of her. I haven't had a letter from her for months and I've wrote twice since I got hers. Laurence too I never did get any more letters. I'm going to start writing to Mary that will bring results I bet.

So long Mother and take care of your self for me please don't worry about me. I know its hard but its best not to. I'll write more tomorrow or the next day.

Lots of Love Wesley