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Wesley to Charley and Izetta Tasler, 08/16/1943 

Aug. 16, 1943

Monday Night

Dearest Izetta, Charley and kids,

If I donít write you a letter pretty soon, you will think Iíve completely forgot you. I donít like to go making lots of excuses about not writing. As far as that goes, I have plenty, but you know who it is. No one thinks about you more than I do. I sure was glad to get your swell letters. I got Charles about a week ago, and then I got your big fat letter Saturday. Gee, I sure would like to be there in the hay field.

Gee I sure ainít getting this wrote very fast. One of the guys just came in the tent and sat and talked a long time. I donít feel much like writing but if I wan to get letters, I have to. Course I know you would always write to me. It gets so old writing the same old things every time. You canít even tell what the weather is like. I often wonder what everyone really thinks of my letters. I read them over and feel like tearing them up.

Yes, I remember LeRoy Beck. I suppose Dave really can use some help. I canít hardly picture him being as tall as Charley. He was always such a little runt. And Charles being taller than Delores. Iíll bet Delores has really grown up too. Suppose she will be more like a girl friend to me when I get back than like a little sister. Thatís what she always seemed like to me.

The boys didnít get off to a very good start mowing, did they? I sure did worry about Laurence. He is kinda reckless. I hope they got along better after they got a start. I suppose you are done haying by this time.

All the boys here are OK. I saw a kid from D Company, yesterday, that said Tielke was fine, too. I sure did enjoy talking to him. I asked him about Bud, the guy that worked for Irwin Parsons, he said he didnít know for sure where he was at.

My Squad are all doing real well. Being a squad leader sure is a lot of responsibility. Thereís so much extra things to do. First of all, you got to set kinda example for them and that keeps you busy.

Well folks, itís getting time I was in bed. The nights arenít half long enough as it is. This isnít much of a letter. I hope itís enough to show my appreciation for the swell letters you write. I hope it finds you well and happy. I feel fine. Good night.

Lots of Love,