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Wesley to Virginia, 08/01/1943 

Aug 1, 1943 Sunday Morning

Dearest Sister

How long has it been since you got a letter from me. I really am ashamed of myself. I have about 4 letters from you I haven't answered. How are you? I feel real good. Just got through eating a couple of fried eggs and a chunk of ham. Sure did hit the spot.

My section Sargent just came in to borrow my drivers cap he's going to play ball and it makes a good ball cap he sure is a good guy. His name is steve Casic. Since I've been made squad leader I'm in a different section the other squad leader is a little Italian kid sure is lots of fun. And believe it or not he has a sister that's a hair burner too. His name is Peter Pro.

Your letters were written July 5, 8, & 9th sure bet you had lots of fun on you picnic the fouth. Sure would have liked to slipped up on you wading in the river Audette was telling me about you being at a dance in O'Neill too.

I'm glad Jean is there with you. Also glad Glenn has a good job now. Did Irwin ever say if he knew that Joe Siedik or not. I wish I could write to all the guys but its an impossibility. Oh yes I did get a letter from Melvin Hickerson last night. He sure doesn't write much of a letter. But I guess the letter doesn't amount to much.

The boys Wally Ken & Jerry are all fine I saw Wally a few days ago he seemed fine. Walter P. is at the same place Wally is so he could tell you about him.

Say Virginia did you ever get any of those letters I wrote you asking about the present I wanted to get Mother for her birthday you know it isn't far off. I got the pictures that were taken on Dads birthday they sure are good.

Say hasn't Audette got any of my letters I've answered every one of hers as soon as I got them. Bet she thinks I'm a good one, I sure am looking forward to those pictures. Hope she doesn't get mad at the kind of letters I write.

Well Sis guess I'll have to stop I don't know any more news. Tell Jean and Audette I'll write to them soon. And I'll try and do better writing to you from now on. So Long