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Wesley to Virginia, 07/05/1943 

Dearest Sister

Well Sister don't you think its about time I wrote you a few lines, I just got a letter from you that makes 4 since I wrote any, aren't I awful? I was going to get a lot of letter writing done yesterday then I decided to go visiting and when I got back I was on patrol so didn't get even one letter wrote. I wrote to Mom & Betty this morning and thought I better write to you before you disowned me.

Yesterday I went and found a guy I know from home Howard Tilkie. He sure was glad to see me and I him too he hasn't been in so long and could tell me quite a bit about home. I also found where a couple more guys are from home O'neill I mean. Herbis & Shoulls I think his name is. Didn't see them course. They were gone. I saw Wally too he seems to be well and Happy. Says he don't here much from home.

Virginia when you write to Irwin ask him if he knows a Joe Siedlik from Omaha. His brother is here and I know him good he is where Irwin is so maybe he knows him.

I answered Audette's letter quite a while ago she sure sounds like a swell girl. I'll bet she's lots of fun, too. I also bet you had a giggling good time while Avis was staying with you, tell Audette I'm going to write her a V- Mail letter and see which one gets there first.

You talking about giving Avis a red rinse. Makes me think mine needs one too, this tropical sun doesn't agree with my hair much.

I did my washing Saturday so am pretty well caught up on that thank God. If there's ever anything I hate to do its wash.

I got a letter from Garold the other day and was it ever a dirty one. If he don't watch out he's going to find himself in some trouble.

Who do you think I got a letter from today besides you Helen Zink I guess she got my address from Jean anyhow I'm glad she wrote don't know how I'll find time to write to all my girls but I will some how.

Jerry and Kenneth are fine. Guess I told you about Wally. I'm glad you have plenty to do to keep busy. Say Sis did you ever go see about that washing machine I told you about? Wish you would let me know.

Quentin Mlinar said Charley Tasler had Laurence hired to mow his hay this year is there anything to it?

Well Sis guess this is about the limit hope you are well and happy I feel good. So Long.



P.S. Virginia I never got this through Mon. and I never got to write Audette. But I got a letter from her today so will write soon. I was Cpl of the guard last night so am tired. Goodnight. Love Wesley.