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Ruth, Everett, & Selma to Sis Bro & Family, 06/22/1943 

June 22 - 43

Dear Sis Bro & family: How are you suppose you think I am a dirty crook for not writing sooner, but I have been so busy, our yard & garden was in such a shape something had to be done to it so I got a little neighbor boy to help me & we worked for a whole week cleaning & digging around & Everett was spading the garden & hurt his back so I & Cecil finished that up as Everett could hardly get up & down & still can't, he went to try out a new Dr yesterday & today & I am home in bed my whole right side is on the blink some how, too much digging I guess, I had a good little boy, but I had to show him sometimes & was on my feet all day & I guess my kidneys won't stand that.

Well, so much for my pains, ha, ha, & I guess I will live if this hot knifing stops soon Dr said I had to stay off my feet & keep them up.

I hope you are feeling better by now, Esther wrote Mattie you was feeling so bad.

The weather has been so rotten I think we are all having flu, & again I guess you & I aren't any good any more, I wish you could come back up again & stay a while & rest, you just worked like a horse down to Roys. I knew you was going to be sick when it was all over we know we can't work & I don't see why we keep on trying to.

Suppose you have some good help now since Avis is home, I sure enjoyed her nice letter she wrote me tell her to do it again all the letters I write are for her too also Virginia, tell them when I have to write to so many boys & their poor Mothers I have to slight some one, but I know they don't mind a bit, this week I have written to Everett's Mother, Maude, Mable, Lloyd, & I must write to Wesley again this week & to Wagner & Arley also Aunt Mattie S. She writes wanting to know about Wesley & Lloyd every little while Maude writes her about Wayne & her boys. Have you heard from Wesley we haven't lately, he has kinda stopped again, I was so happy to know where he was, Lloyd said he was sure he helped convoy the transports that took him there I didn't get your letter till we came back from Calif but he said he was at the place, he was sure, I could tell you so much but am afraid to write it to you, but I can tell you where he has been he was at Fiji, New Zealand, on all the Hawaiian Islands, also Guadalcanal during the first fight also the Solomans Tulagi Isle where he was when we didn't hear for so long from him also New Hebrides Isle, and Midway during the last battle. Almost all of them from Hawaii to Guadalcanal, has crossed the International date line 3 times also the Equator so he has seen a lot of water & a few Islands.

He has a certificate showing he has crossed the international date line & the Equator, sent it home with us, also some money from each place he has been, he is very interesting to talk to, he wished he could have seen you & Uncle Laurence said when he got home he was coming down & stay till you sent him home, said he was going to get in your bread box & hunt pheasants & every thing till he was tired, said he never did get to stay with you as long as he wanted to, says to tell them to please write to me once a week or so if I don't write, I just love to get their letters & pass Uncle L. poetry around & show the boys what kind of folks I have, Then again he said I always like to go to Aunt Serenas because she never scolds any-one, & I said to him so you can do as you please & he answered right back one can rest at her house the most of any where in the family & work some if he wants too, & feel at home the most.

I never shall forget the way he always performed when we came down & he had to go home. He is really a man now not a boy like he was when he left us.

We saw Jean Shepherd Brenning and she wanted to know all about you folks & Jean especially said she always liked you folks so much. She has a lovely little home & a darling baby & a grand husband, he was so nice to us when we were out there, we stayed with them from Sat P.M. till Mon. P.M. they are both so big hearted and give the very best they have Jean makes me think of Mother when she cooks especially she is a beautiful housekeeper every thing on time all the time the baby gets his care that way too, he sure is a big white child so clean & sweet.

Lloyd didn't want to go any place just wanted to stay with us & talk he worked 4 hours out of every 24 hours & we had him the other 20 he slept at the hotel with us every night till he had to leave, just a month today he left San Francisco.

We had a letter written June 1st he was in Honolulu again that was just 9 days after he left us. He can let us know where he is now we worked out a plan while we were with him, don't say anything when you write we didn't tell anyone else. Must close & eat.

Love Ruth Everett & Selma