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Wesley to Charley and Izetta Tasler, 06/11/1943 

June 11, 1943

Friday night

Dear ďCharlesĒ

I got your nice long letter yesterday, so decided I better be answering it. How are you? Suppose by this time you are thinking about haying. I sure am, only it doesnít do me much good. I havenít even saw any hay since I left the ranch.

Congratulations on passing your exams. I knew you could do it. I suppose you will go to high school next year. Let me give you a little tip, Charles. If you do go, study hard and rally get all you can out of it. When I went to high school, I was too ornery to study, I was too busy pouring ink in the girls hair. Even if you never do anything but run a ranch it will help you lots.

So Trumanís have a baby boy. Thatís great. Congratulate them for me. Iíll bet Truman really had been working hard to get his crops in, hasnít he?

I sure would like to see your new saddle, better yet, try it out. I think when I get home Iíll get me one. A good one should last the rest of my life, if I take care of it. You should see the saddles they have here and on the Fijis. Just like we use for race horses.

Say, did you ever get the letter I wrote you and sent the pictures. I never got a letter from you saying you had. What did you think of them?

I got 6 letters yesterday. One from Betty, Sylvia, 2 from Mother, 1 from you and 1 from Virginia. So I have to get busy and answer them. The darn wind is trying to blow my light out. Itís just like a torch. I made it out of a candy jar, a piece of rope, and a 50 cal. Cartridge. Burns gas and really smokes. Itís just a little better than a candle.

I was on k.p. today. It isnít very hard work here. Have to wash pots and pans but thatís all. Yesterday, I did some carpenter work for the batallion. I sure have to laugh at the way they do things. Always the hard way. We used to do more on the ranch in one day than 20 men doe here in a week.

Say Charles, I suppose you will be breaking (in) your new saddle going over to see that little Parson girl. I think you better watch out for the old man, though. He might set the hounds on you. Does your dad still go over to see Mary? Ha! Ha!

I just been thinking, I believe your Dad had a birthday the other day. Donít suppose you had any trouble tanning his pants, did you? I try to remember everyoneís birthday but sometimes, I forget.

Well, Charles, guess Iíll have to sign off and maybe write another letter. Donít know, though, Iím kinda tired. Goodnight and lots of Luck and Love to you all,