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Wesley to Folks, 06/06/1943 

Sunday June 6, 1943

Dearest Folks

Well Sunday has come and gone again. Its after Midnight anyway. I should have dated this one more day ahead but I guess it doesn't make so much difference. I never wrote in the day time cause I knew I was going to be phone orderly tonight. It helps to pass the time away to have something to do.

How is everyone? I'm fine I got 2 letters and the package you sent the last couple of days. Everything in the package came through swell. And I like everything fine. Your letters were written May 4th & May 20th so you can see how they come sometimes. So you went to see Bones Tompson I sure would like to see him. Anyone I know for that matter.

I'm glad you got things straightened out about the brand. I'm sure I will like it on the hip lots better than on the shoulder have you got everything branded yet? Also glad you don't work old Bird if she is thin. Must be she has some long teeth that need floating down.

Mother you ask about our helmet. We use them for about everything you thought. Of course right now we have a little better conveniences. And about the pictures I sent Virginia of the Fijis they aren't deceiving. We got very used to seeing them without much on.

I got a nice long letter from Aunt Rinnie too. First one since Lloyd's accident she told me everything just as it hpapened sure must be a brave mother. And I know there are a lot more like her. They got to be cause anything can happen.

The boys are all fine. I had [??? looks like cornpony] today. Remember that kid I used to write about that drove with me in the quartermaster and A Co. Emmett Cutler the Indian. He is in H Comapny. I saw him once while we were on the Fiji Islands.

I got the 2 little pictures of Jean & Avis. Tell them I will write to them soon I don't know any news now and maybe I will a little later. I'm going to write to Betty now and call it a day. Thanks for the package I never have sent that pillow top but will soon. Good night and don't worry.