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Wesley to Laurence, Jr., 05/30/1943 

May 30, 1943

Dear Brother

I got a letter from you quite a few days ago and haven't go around to answer it. So will make an attempt now. I'm on guard but will get off at 12:30 I just have 2 more hours left.

Well hows everything? I hear you are working at Fredricks. How did you like the school mom. She writes to a guy here. He's my section sargent. He sure is a swell guy. I read a letter she wrote him and said you were there. She told Sgt Carter they had a good looking hired man. "But he's engaged." So Betty said she was going to get a better ring than Mary. Well we'll see about that. Ha! Ha! Write and tell me about Mary's. Also about your car I never did hear what it was like. What kind of work do you have to do? Sure wish I was there to help.

I sure am tired, night before last I worked 6 hours then last night I was on guard. So haven't got much sleep. I tried to sleep some this morning but I drank coffee for breakfast and I couldn't go to sleep. Maybe I'll get a good night's sleep tonight I hope.

Today's Memorial Day you sure couldn't tell it around here. I wanted to go to church but was on post so couldn't.

I've got quite a few letters to write but haven't got any very lately I got about a dozen last week. I got 4 papers too. Sure was in hopes I'd get the package the folks sent.

What kind of horses do you have on the ranch? I can't think of anything to write so guess I'll have to ask some questions. Do they have any crowds at the dances. We get to see quite a few shows. Tonight we get to see "White Cargo" hope its good. They have a boxing tournament started. I think I would have a good chance in my class but my wind isn't any too good so I didn't try out. I do quite a lot of boxing otherwise tho.

Well brother guess I had better get ready to go on post I just have about 20 minutes until time to go on. I hope you kids are OK I just thought I better write and tell you I was still alive. So Long for now. And good luck.

Love Your Brother