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Wesley to Virginia, 05/23/1943 

Sunday, May 23, 1943

Dearest Sister: I've just got time to start you a letter before chow. Then I can tell you what we have after I come back. I've gotten about three letters from you since I've wrote any. So really feel ashamed of myself. I got lots of letters last week. I answered Audette's letter, hope it fills the bill. She sent me a picture of herself. She sure is pretty. But course I didn't tell her that. Don't guess it's the right thing when you don't know em very well. Maybe I said too much as it is.

Well kid it's chow time anyhow. I can hear mess gears rattling. So will see you later. (Back again)

It didn't take long to eat what we had. Potato salad, tomatoes, some kind of canned lunch meat. I'd hate to tell you what we call it. Then we had some cheese bread and coffee. I drank some coffee, we are going to see a show tonight. I heard the name of it but I forgot. I've got to write to the folks and Betty after the show. I wrote to Mrs. Cooper and Laad today. I am behind with my letters, about 12 now and I'll be caught up.

Oh yes, I got a letter from Lucille L. yesterday. Was I ever surprised, but I'm going to write to her. I sure do like letters. She never said anything about Elmer. Where is he? Or does he write?

So you got you a new watch. I'm glad you will get lots of comfort out of it. I sure do out of mine. It sure works good, always has.

Say Virginia, I've been thinking about getting Mother a new wash machine for her birthday, I'll pay for more than half of it, if you kids will pay the rest. What do you think? Talk to the other kids and find out what you can, and write me, then I'll send you some money.

Well sister, guess I'll go to the show. I hope this finds you well and happy. I'm fine. Tell Audette hello and I'll write some more soon. Good night------------Lots of Love, Wesley

Well guess I won't see a show either, I was all set to go and they told me I would be phone orderly for the Company. So it's no show for me and a whole night to stay awake. Anyhow, I'll get my letters answered.

So Melvin Hickerson was home on a furlough, those guys sure have had their luck staying in the states and getting furloughs. Their outfit must not be much account.

I just read the last three letters from you and couldn't find any more questions to answer. I sure do have a good place to write. A nice desk and a good light.

I've got to write to Izetta tonight. I've got 2 swell letters from her since I've wrote. She sent me some pictures. I sure have got lots of pictures. Lately, Aunt Mattie sent me some they took while Mother was up there.

Well Sis, I'm going to let you go for this time. It's 20 til 7 now so goodnight again, and tell Audette to write often as she promised. Ha! Ha! Love----Wesley