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Wesley to Folks, 05/23/1943 

May 23, 1943 Sunday

Dear Mother & Father

Its Sunday night and I've been writing letters all day. Don't you think its about time I was writing to you. This is the 5th letter I have wrote, but its not all I'm going to write either. I got all set to go to a show. But found out I was going to be phone orderly for the company so I have a good chance to write letters cause I'll be up all night. Maybe I'll get caught up for once but I doubt it very much, any way I have a good desk to write on and a good light that helps.

I've gotten quite a few letters from you lately so I can't complain hope you have been getting as many from me but I'm afraid you don't. I have 4 of your letters here so we'll try and answer them.

So Laurence is working for Ted Fredricks wish it was me. I kinda like that neighborhood you know.

No I haven't gotten the package you sent yet, but am expecting it any day now. So Laurence got the letter I wrote him for his birthday on his birthday sure was a coincidence wasn't it. I guess I remember most everyones, and try to write them a letter.

Sure glad you are getting your farm ground in good shape so it will be easy to tend this spring and summer. I sure would like to see that little brown colt bet he is pretty.

The boys just came back from the show they say it was a good show. Wish I had saw it but I don't care too much.

I just saw Jerry Baum he said he had gotten a letter from you written later than any I had got so I should be getting some more from you.

Say Dad about the brand that is all right it isn't what I would like to have. But guess its the best. If you haven't got the brand made yet just use a bar and a P that way it won't blot so bad. I'll tell you the reason. On a W or M the iron gets so hot in the points that it cooks the flesh and makes a big blot. And be sure that all points touch when you use a bar. Because if they don't as the critter grows the two marks will grow away from one another. Don't think I'm trying to tell you's just that I know from experience.

Well I'm going to stop now hope you are all well and happy I'm fine don't worry. Good night.

Lots of Love Wesley