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Wesley to Charley and Izetta Tasler, 05/23/1943 

Sunday May 23, 1943

Dear Izetta and all,

Hope you arenít too mad cause I havenít answered your letters. I have two now. Gee am I ever ashamed. The first was written May the second and the last May 12th. I got them just three days apart. The last one came in 10 days. I got it yesterday. I sure am always glad to get your letters. Theyíre almost like getting them from home. It was home once.

As you say, Iíve been busy as hell only Iíll write the word out or the censors might think I was using code to disclose my location or something. Tonight I am phone orderly for the company, but the line isnít busy. Wish Dela was on. I could even stand some of his chatter. Iíve already written 5 letters today and tonight so excuse writing. I get kinda sloppy after so much. Iíve got to be up all night so may as well make the most of it.

So you fenced in the rough meadow by the sheds. Boy am I glad to hear that. Mowing should be lots easier this year. Hope you make a fortune off of your sheep.

I sure was glad to hear that Charles passed all of his exams except Arithmetic. Wish I was there to help him with it. I got 100% when I took 8th grade exams but some of the others never did so hot.

Yes, I wished I could be there to help brand but I presume you got along without me. I sure could go for some of that asparagus. A couple of times we had some canned. It was good but not like home cooked. Iím going to miss the picnic, too. I sure was thinking about it. And there isnít much I can do about your butcher knives.

I better thank you for the pictures. They sure are a big help. I have quite a lot. I got them out on my cot and scatter them all out and look till my heart is content never get tired of it. Those sure are good of all of you taken last summer. I showed those of the hay gang to some of the boys and tried to explain how it worked but they just shake their heads like they canít believe it.

I hope we get turkey for the holidays. If we donít it wonít be your fault like you say. But it never will taste good until I get to help clean it and smell it cookin. Then is when I can really eat.

I sure would like to see Charles new saddle. Bet itís a honey. I never knew he was going to get one. So Krysl was coming to put down a well. Suppose Anton and the boys will have a good go.

I thought that picture I sent would get Charley. I could send some better ones if I could get them of the natives. You know what I mean. More curves.

That sure was some blow to me about Lloyd. I canít get it off my mind. I just got the paper today with his picture in. Just about makes me sick. Iíve studied planes quite a bit and I never did have much faith in their kind.

Well folks, Iíve about run out of something to say. Iím glad you enjoy hearing from me. If you enjoy it half as much as I do yours, I sure would feel that my time isnít wasted. I try to write good letters. Sometimes itís hard. I get lonesome and blue spells. Those times are hell, but after I get letters it sure helps. I hope this finds you well and happy. Iíve been feeling good and the other boys from home are fine. Itís just about 12 oíclock now. I still have about 5 ours until Iím relieved. Good night. And good Luck. Iíll write again some time this week. Lots of love, Wesley