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Wesley to Folks, 05/19/1943 

May 19, 1943 Wednesday afternoon

Dear Folks

I have a few minutes before I go on guard so will write you a letter, I got one from you today that you wrote May the 2nd sure was tickled to get it and will be looking forward to the package you said you sent. I wish I had told you not to send any hard candy as we get plenty of that here and we get some candy bars too.

I sure hope you raise lots of potatoes this year then maybe when I come home I won't have to eat hydridated ones they sure don't taste good. Canned hash and Stew doesn't either.

Well we just got an order we don't like so everyone is complaining I've got to stop for a few minutes. Back again guess it wasn't as bad as everyone let on.

Say Mother I took out $9,000 worth more insurance. I don't think much of the policy but they ordered us to do it so, nothing else to do. Not in this outfit anyhow.

You sent me a letter Lony Kaup had wrote on how to fix tents. Well we been doing that for over a year now so should have it down pretty well. I could tell some better ways than that, wish I could buy eggs to fry like he said for any price I'd give 50 apiece I think I've had 4 fried eggs since I left the states. The Tropical fruits aren't so plentiful here either.

I also wish I had told you not to send any stationery now cause I got plenty for awhile it was pretty scarce.

I've got 8 letters the last 2 days 4 each day. Yesterday I got 1 from Laurence, Jr., Uncle Edd, Audette, Bruce & Betty and today I got one from You, Izetta, Virginia, and Darold sure does keep me busy writting I'm way behind.

Mother you ask in a letter I got a week or so ago if I was still a gunner. Yes I still am a No. 1 gunner, I sure do like my 30 cal. gun too it works like a clock Jerry Baum is a 2nd gunner in the same platoon as I am.

Sure glad to hear you are raising lots of pork be sure and keep plenty to butcher eat all of them you can. Izetta said she was going to raise lots of turkeys.

Well folks guess I better wash my face and comb my hair and go see if they got anything good for chow. I hope everyone is well and happy at home, I feel good. Good night and good luck. Don't worry.

Lots of Love Wesley