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Kenneth Cadwallader to Friends on the Home Front, 05/15/1943 

May 15, 1943 South Sea Islands Friday nite

Dear Friends at Home

I received your most welcome letter this noon. Sure was glad to hear from you folks but sure was stumped to hear of so much death in your family. You have my deepest sincerely sympathy Lloyd Barnes sure was a shock. I knew him pretty well. He was inducted the same time we were. Wesley's number is two more than mine Lloyds three more than mine. That must be a hard blow to his folks. Sometime I wonder, if God knows best. To make people suffer some of the blows he deals out. It was a blow to Wes, but he is a brave boy.

Wes also rec'd a letter from you folks today, also a bunch of pictures. Gosh! You don't know how good it makes one feel to see pictures of home. Those pictures of those horses almost makes you feel like you had one between your legs. Drifting over the wide open spaces again.

If I could only break loose and write like I would like too. I could write a book. But you know walls have ears. And those dirty slant eyed devils are every where and sometimes they don't have to be japs.

You were talking of Buddies in the Army. Life is pretty tough but it's like a big family of brothers all for one & one for all. We still think the Outlaw Squad is the best.

When you were at Fort Robinson you really did see some good horses if they haven't changed too many of them. I hauled bailed hay for the Fort one whole winter. Sure takes some feed for a bunch of horses like that, we hauled over three thousand tons that winter.

That buckskin horse of Wes's must be a pretty snazzy nag. He tells me he is a pretty bay. I have a coupla part Arabian colts, three & four years old I'd sure like to be home this spring to break.

Mother writes and says, Earl my brother has bought me a cow & calf lately. $78.85 guess not to fancy, just grade stuff. But it will grow into mare. We hope.

The Army says you can not keep a diary. My writing of sketches of poetry is suffering. Have to think up something and send next time.

Well you hold that line at home and we'll try to back this one. Guess I'll turn over to Wes. As Ever Ken. Your friend.