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Wesley to Folks, 05/03/1943 

Monday May 3 1943

Dearest Folks

I never got to write to you yesterday so thought I had better scratch you a line or two today. I was on guard all day yesterday and the night before. Was the reason I never wrote.

I got two letters from Virginia day before yesterday she told me about Uncle Roy. Sure was sorry to hear that. I suppose I will get a letter from you telling more about it. Her letters were written April 14 & 16 the last ones I got from you was April 5th Lyle & Orley sure was fortunate they are still in the states.

Mother I forgot all about Mother's Day this year. Its next Sunday. Anyway I couldn't send you no card anyhow anyway I'll be thinking about you how's that?

I had a letter from Mrs. Cooper she said they had got a V-Mail letter from me and was really tickled cause it was the first.

I did a big washing today 4 sets of underwear 2 sets of denims 2 sets of cotton uniforms some handkerchiefs and towels, feel kinda tired.

They say we are going to have fresh steak for supper. Gee am I glad we get so dam tired of hash and stew.

I sure hope I get some mail tonight.

Virginia also said you re buying sheep guess there good money in them, but lots of work don't you think.

Well folks guess I don't know anything I'm fine and hope you are too Good- night and don't worry.

Lots of Love