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Jerome Baum to Mr. & Mrs. Slaymaker, 05/01/1943 

Sat May 1st 1943

Dear Mr & Mrs Slaymaker

As we are not doing anything this after noon, I want to write you a few words and thank you for the Christmas and Easter cards. Its always nice to hear from some one back in good old Nebr. My card beat Wesly, so I showed it to him after mail call. We are together almost every day, so I can assure you he is in good health. It was too bad that he never got a furlough before we came across. Hope we all get home in 1943, that would be about the best thing that could happen. With all us boys here it don't seem so far from home. When Wes gets the papers, I go right over and read the news so we know what goes on back home even if it is a little late. Mother writes often and wonders where we are from day to day. I always tell her not to worry about us. She wrote that they are busy this spring, and I sure was glad that Melvin is going to be home this summer. Well I guess you are all working hard now as help is scarce. Suppose Wesly wrote you all about the F1JI islands as he is quite a hand at writing letters so will close this letter wishing you good health and luck. One of Weslies old pals Jerry.