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Wesley to Laurence, Jr., 04/28/1943 

Dear Brother

Being as how this is your Birthday thought I had better write you a line or two, there isn't any news tho, I just got off of K.P. It sure is a kinda hard work especialy when you have guys that don't do their share.

I haven't heard from you lately. I wrote you a letter a couple of weeks ago. I try and write as often as I can I owe Avis a letter but she will have to wait a day or two.

Cadwallader wrote to Dad last night. He got the Easter card the folks sent him yesterday. Jerry got his too. I got mine Saturday. What did you do Easter Sunday? I never did much. Went to church in the morning did a washing and wrote a few letters was about all. That's about all anyone could do.

I still haven't got around to write to Mary. I hope she is fine. Mother always has something nice to say about her in her letters.

I saw a show the other night. It was the reproduction of the Corbett vs. Sullivan fight sure was good. Errol Flynn played the part of Corbett sure was a swell job of acting. His foot work in the ring really was wonderful. I sure wished Dad could have saw it.

I got a letter from Darold not long ago he seems to like life in the service pretty well. Must have a pretty soft job.

What have you been doing lately. Are you finished bailing hay. I suppose you will work in the blue grass and hay fields this summer.

Well kid hope everything is fine with you and you have many more Happy Birthdays.

Goodnight and Lots of Brotherly Love