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Wesley to Folks, 04/25/1943 

Easter Sunday April 25, 1943

Dearest Mother, Father & All

Here it is another Easter and everything with me is fine hope it is with you also. I just came from Church service they were especially good today but that could be expected being Easter Sunday. Chaplin Tomas is still with us and we all like him very much. Did you go to church this morning? If something don't stop me I try and go every Sunday lots of times I don't get to but I always enjoy it when I go.

I got your letter and Easter card yesterday it was the second one I had gotten so far one from Aunt Ruth. I also got a nice letter from Evelyn and Laurence I always like to get their letters I just got through writing them a letter about 2 days ago. Now I suppose I better write another.

I've got a little washing to do suppose I better get at it pretty quick so it gets dry. Yesterday I got a new pair of denim trousers and for some reason they never had my size. The ones I got were 36 waist so I went to work and cut about 6 inches out of the rear end they fit pretty good now I didn't know when I started cutting if I ever would get them sewed up or not. I'm getting to be a regular old woman. I do lots of things I never thought I could.

Your letter was written April 5th when Virginia was home. Sure glad she can come home once in awhile. It won't be so lonesome. Gee I sure am glad she is making lots of money. She seems to write like she likes everybody real well there too.

So all my cows have got calves now. Was sure glad to hear about it. Wish I had more I got a Graphic yesterday that had the sale bill of the big sale Weller had of black cattle. Then Laurence Packa wrote about some bringing $171 per head sure was good. The paper was of March 26 I guess I won't get the Stuart paper any more.

I wrote Dad a short letter the other day he was asking about the weather and things. The temperature is about the same here. He also ask if I was tired at night. No I'm not very tired any more. I sleep good. And lately we have been getting a little better eats.

Well folks guess that's all I know today I hope you have a swell Easter. Don't worry. I think I'll probably get some more letters tomorrow I hope. Its lots easier when I get letters. So Long Tell the kids I'm going to write to them this week.

Lots of Love Wesley