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Wesley to Folks, 04/18/1943 

April 18, 1943 "South Sea Islands" Sunday

Dearest Mother Father & All

Well here it is Sunday again. I slept all forenoon. I was on patrol duty from midnight till 6 this morning so was pretty sleepy. I was really glad I did sleep course I just found out a little bit ago that I am on guard tonight we sure don't get much sleep at nights any more.

I've been getting quite a few letters lately the other night I got 10 mostly from you and Virginia 2 from Betty and one from Aunt Ruth. A Easter Card. I wrote to Jean the same night. I try to write to you twice a week and some of the kids at least once.

I was real glad to hear about the little colt and the calves. Your pigs sure did bring a good price too. Makes me wish I had some. But grain is so high I think there is more profit in cattle when you have to buy it.

Aunt Ruth said in her letter she had had one from letter from you saying that Dad had been planting oats sure hope you raise a lot I'll buy some to feed my calves this fall I hope they get nice and fat this summer. They have quite a few cattle here but not very good quality they look like a poor grade of durhams. I did see some pretty good size tho. I hope you have good luck with your other brood sow. Do you have any more little colts yet?

Has anything ever been censored out of my letters your haven't ever been censored.

Gee folks there isn't anything to write about wish I was there to do chores for you. I've been writing two letters every night this week so am getting back on my feet again now.

How is every body? Vernon ever get over the measels. Does he still have both of those old black mares?

Say Dad you tell me to keep my chin up but a good soldier has a better saying. "If you want to see your Father in your Father's land keep your head down."

I'm going to send you 3 or 4 pictures of some natives in Fiji and some scenery I have a pillow cover to send you mother I can send it home now so I will pretty soon. I think I'll send my gold watch bracket too and my knife and chain Taslers gave me. Say Mother some time if you send me a package send me a spool of black & a spool of white thread please.

My watch sure comes in handy when I go on guard. It sure keeps good time I wish it was cleaned tho there isn't any place here to get much of a job done.

I sent Virginia some pictures and Betty to be sure and save them for me. Well guess I better get shaved and ready to go on guard. I'll be glad when 24 hours is over. Good night and don't worry.

Love Wesley