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Wesley to Folks, 04/15/1943 

Thursday April 15, 1943 "South Sea Islands"

Dearest Folks

Will start you a few lines won't get it all wrote but will finish it later. How is everybody? I'm fine as can be. I've been pretty fortunate in getting letters so that helps most I've got three from you and three from Betty one of yours was written with the new A.P.O. I sure was tickled to get that one.

We can tell you now that we were in the Fiji Island, there isn't a whole lot I can say as most is military information that really amounts to much. It was a pretty nice place we are beginning to think and the heat was practically nothing as it is here some times. There were two different kinds of natives there. The Fijians and there was some Indians. The Fijians were lots more friendly and we liked them lots the best. They were pretty well civiilized and learned our language fast. We learned some of theirs too but of course not as fast as they did ours. Because there is some Englishman there and they knew some. Their industry as you probably know is mostly sugar and rice. The Islands are mountains and some very dense jungles which we saw quite a lot of. Suva is a pretty nice place I didn't get to spend much time there but what I did I enjoyed. Suva is the prettiest part of the Island. There are a few other small towns but they didn't amount to much.

Well I'm going to stop for a while now I'll write more before I go to bed. See you in a couple of hours.

Well here I is again. Thought I better finish this up so I could mail it in the morning. I got the air-mail special delivery letter you and Jean wrote and I wrote to Jean last night so I thought I better be writing to you. I'm trying to get caught up on my letters. But Gee I don't know if I ever will.

I'm glad to hear everything is doing good at home. And the little calves are coming OK sure would like to have about half of one of your fat hogs too. We get very little fresh meat. Most of our eats are canned goods and rations. We don't get any tropical fruits here. Coconuts are about all they have here.

Say I'm sending some more money home I decided I was carrying too much around so thought I would get rid of some. It just as well be doing some good back there.

Ken Cadwallader wrote you a letter last night don't know much what he said. Him and I sure get along swell sure do get lots of enjoyment out of talking about the past and the future too. He sure is a different kind of a guy then I thought he was in Civilian life. Well folks guess I better kinda do an about face and get a little sleep. Good night and don't worry. My eye got well OK.

Love Wesley