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Nellie to Sister, 04/15/1943 

Gordon, Nebr April 15, 1943

My Dear Sister and Family,

We were so shocked and saddened by the news of Royís death. Words cannot express our grief. I only wish that I might say or do something to make it a little easier to bare. But words help so little at a time like this.

We would of liked to of been with you but we didnít see how we could come. Please forgive us for not coming. I surely hope that the boys and Vera will be there.

Dear sister just look to the Lord for help to bare this grief. I know he will help you. If it had not been for the Lordís help at the time of Leolaís death and afterwards I never could of stood it.

I hope that the folks that live in Wyo will all be with you and help you.

We wonder why this had to happen to you but itís the Lordís plan for you and him. And I only hope and pray that you will not find it too hard.

Itís hard to write anything in this hour of your great grief that might be of any help to you but our sympathy goes out to you al and our hearts ache for you.

I hope you receive the flowers we had sent to you. I pray that the Lord will comfort you and ease the hurt a little.

Your Loving Sister Nellie and Family