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Wesley to Jean, 04/14/1943 

Wednesday April 14, 1943 "South Sea Islands"

Dearest Sister Jeanie

I received your swell letter day before yesterday. The special delivery one you and mother wrote together then I got one from Mother written later with my new address on it so you can see that special Del doesn't do any good but 12 days isn't bad for air mail.

How are you Sis? Fine I hope lonesome I suppose. I can really feel for you cause I really know. We will just have to stick it out tho. And everything will be the same again.

I sure was tired when I got in tonight. I didn't get very much sleep for the last 2 night but I took a bath and brushed my teeth and decided I felt good enough to write a couple of letters so I wrote one to Betty and now to you hope I don't go to sleep before I get through.

Ken Cadwallader got the letter Dad wrote to him so he is answering it but I think he is giving me too much build up. He's a lot different guy than I ever thought he was in civilian life.

You bet I would like to see Glenn. Tell him every time he hits a Island out here to do some inquiring and he might run on to me. I'm going to write to him but I just haven't had time yet I would like to see all the swell wedding presents you got too. I'm going to get you something soon as I can so don't think I slighted you.

I'm glad Virginia has got a nice place I hope she make good. Sure sure has worked hard.

There is a big dice game going on over on one of the guys bed I hope they break up pretty soon. Course I want to go to bed and sleep.

I'm going to write to the folks tomorrow night I sent in for a money order so I could send some money home, they said it would be back tomorrow so I'll send it then.

How is that Baby sister of ours. Still as silly and fat as ever? I'll bet she is. Who is her boyfriend this year.

I got a swell Christmas card from your father and mother-in-law & Lorraine but I never did get to write and thank them for it. Maybe I will get that done some day too, anyhow you can do it for me for now please. Tell Lorraine I wish I was where I could dance with her. I haven't been to a dance since I left. And that was in Stuart and I danced with her. Tell her to write and then maybe I'll get started.

Well sister I guess I better quit before I fall to sleep. Good night and take care of your self. And the folks to. Don't worry.