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Kenneth Cadwallader to Friends of the Home Front, 04/12/1943 

"South Sea Island" Wednesday

Dear Friend (a new friend is a God send)

Got your good letter a day or so ago, although we're not personally acquainted, your letter was like one from home. You were speaking of Wes's and my friendship, well in this man's army it's Buddie Love Buddie. He's in my squad my first gunner and a stranger would not know which of us were in charge only I happen to be lucky enough to get the extra money. I am afraid I am going to lose him, I think he is about to become a corporal, although I hate to lose him, he also deserves it, he will still be in the same section. My squad is known as the outlaw squad, about the roughest toughest, good- natured cusses you ever run across outside of good old U.S.A. It consists of two Nebraskans, one Missourian, a coal miner from Illinois, a wrangler from Texas, and a truck driver from North Dakota. Say whoa I almost forgot one man in the squad he's from Michigan he's the down fall but we all keep him up as much as we can, with what little help we can give.

You said something about me saying Wes was in the dumps well it was one of those hard weeks and no letter from the girlfriend or could I be informal and say Betty. You know every body in the Army or service has a dear one at home and when he doesn't get as many letters as he thinks are coming to him. Maybe one of those 4F charlies have taken over. I know that not in his case but that's the old line here I suppose you have heard that 4F Charley sang It's not so good on paper, a little rash on words. But it sounds good coming from the service.

There is a crap game or those galloping dominoes are going on right behind me so if I get a few sevens or elevens or snake eyes in this letter excuse it.

It was sure swell of you to go up and visit Mother, I know she sure appreciated it and I also thank you for it. I hope I didn't excite you folks by saying Wes was in the dumps. I am sure it wasn't serious just one of those nites when mouth harps are craning out some melancholy tune, that brings one back home for a short time.

My horse I sold him to the Chaplin before we left Fiji so I didn't get stuck if I didn't have much. Horses if you can call them that. Were about like our old wore out cow ponies no umph, bottom, hot blood with too much in breeding. I have a coupla old cow ponies that would kill everything that was on the island.

Nurses, well there were quite a few at Fiji but we are not superior enough for them, only for Brass. Lots of half cast they don't figure up so bad. Haven't got acquainted here yet.

Send some of your poetry you were speaking of. I'll try and send a line later, OK?

Guess I better give this the old wrist watch act and wind her up and say Adios.

This finds us both fine and happy as the Army will let you be. So Long.