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Wesley to Mother, Father & All, 04/02/1943 

Friday April 2, 1943 "South Sea Iles"

Dearest Mother, Father & All

Will write you a few lines to let you know everything is well with me and I hope you are well too. I have been working some lately ever since I got that letter when you said you were sick mother.

I got your swell letters today the one you wrote the day before Virginia moved to Orchard. Then I got one Virginia wrote after she had moved down there I will write her this afternoon so she gets a letter soon suppose she will be pretty lonesome. Anyhow I hope she makes out all right. And if she needs some financial aid I'll help her out until she gets started. I also got the letter last week with the pictures in they sure weren't very good but was glad to get them anyhow.

Say I did get an order for a package I decided I needed some things. You can send them if you will, a knife I want one with a punch blade and a pretty heavy blade I can use to open cans with I don't want one with a canopener on it tho, not too big of a knife but medium size and a 2 cell flashlight the rest of the stuff you can suit your self about. Writing material is awful hard to get here. I guess you can put in other little things to nothing bulky tho. I would like to have a couple of small note books. And you might send an ink pen too.

That was quite a sentence the Porter got wasn't it I thought perhaps you might be called as a witness. I suppose you are farming strong by this time did you plant much outs sure hope you raise lots of feed calves next winter hope I'm there to feed them too.

So you got my letter written Feb 21st I think you would get one more then they would stop for a while. I hope you didn't worry in that time.

Well folks I guess I'm going to have to go to work there's plenty to do, night and day the most of the time don't get much letter writing done. I do most of mine at noon. Well I'll be looking for the package send plenty of envelopes. I'll try and write more Sunday.

Lots of Love Wesley