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Wesley to Folks, 03/28/1943 

March 28, 1943 "South Sea Islands"

Dearest Mother Father & All

Another Sunday has rolled around again and I must write you a few lines to let you know your Son and Brother is still fine and wondering how everybody and everything is at home and in the neighborhood I hope well. I got a letter from you written March 5 and was glad to hear you were better mother but was sorry to hear that Dad had a stiff leg. Laurence you ought to be more careful.

I just got through writing to Betty. And as I told her there isn't much we can say any more most of the time we are even afraid to start for fear it won't pass the censors they really gave us hell in general the other morning. I'm sure none of us meant any harm at least I didn't.

Yes I would like to run into Glenn or Lloyd even anyone I knew I sure do get lonesome some times course I've got to know everyone here real well most of the boys are real swell fellows.

I did a big washing this morning 2 sets of fatigues 2 sets of cotton uniforms 3 suits of underware 3 towels and 3 pair of socks took me all morning wish I could ship my shorts and trousers home and let you press them I haven't had a decent pressed shirt since I came across.

Well folks I'm not going to write any more than just this page cause I don't feel that I know anything more that is enough to fill a page. I'll try and write some more in the near future so don't worry and take care of your selves. Everthing is fine here so am I.

Love Wesley