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Wesley to Folks, 03/24/1943 

March 24, 1943 South Sea Islands

Dearest Folks

Its about time I was writing you a few lines I don't know any news to speak of but guess no news is good news. But I know what it means to get a letter I got both of the birthday card you sent last night so you can see how my mail comes I also got cards from Aunt Ruth, Zelda, and Aunt Francis. And a letter from Quentin Mlinar she sure writes good letters. I got a long letter from Izetta the other day too. The latest one I got from you was the one dad wrote March 4th. He said you had been sick Mother I hope your nose is better now and for god sakes take care of your self.

I'm glad the cow are starting to calf wish I had that old roan milk cow here I could sure go for some milk to drink its been seven months since I had a glass of milk.

I got a letter from Betty written Feb 17 she said Clarence Tasler was coming home the tenth of March. I suppose they are tickled and him too.

Zelda sent me some pictures of her and her baby. I sure do like pictures I wish you would send me some. I could get an order for a package but there's nothing much we can have now a camera or things like that are out. Things like pictures are most important to us. I have a pretty plenty of razor blades now. Anything you can buy here they can't send.

We have been getting a little better chow since we got on this Island hope it continues.

The hardest part of what we have here is we have to do our own washing and it rain so much its hard to get anything dry.

I sure am behind on my letters seems like I never will get caught up. Every one sure has been good to write even tho I can't myself.

Say Mother send me Lloyd Leach's address, I don't have it I might want it. I'm going to write to Glenn seems like when I set down to write I have to write to you and when that's done I have to do something else. Course I write to Betty every time I write to you.

We just had a mail call and I got three letters from you. The ones you wrote Feb 21 and the one Dad and you wrote on my birthday they sure were good. Was really glad everyone thought of me on my birthday I got a pretty card and letter from Aunt Mattie today also.

I'll try and answer some of the questions you ask, I won't be able to answer them all as some would be military secrets however here goes, you ask about what kind of a place I have to keep personal things we don't have lockers so we find boxes, usually get them from the kitchen to keep toilet articles, underware, field manuals, writing material and etc. We can't keep very much personal things as they are hard to carry around and we don't have room. Yes I get to go to church some times I miss but I usually go Chaplin Tomas is still with us everyone likes him fine. Mother you ask about if I had a money belt I have one but I don't ware it much. We have an awful good bunch of boys real honest I'd trust most any one of them. I have plenty of socks and underware. Yes, I sleep good at nights. i don't drink coffee to speak of we get plenty of tomato and grape fruit joice to drink and they make team some times.

Mother about that picture of you and Dad don't go to any trouble getting one taken and put in a frame I would enjoy having one very much but I couldn't carry it very handy I had to get rid of the frame I had on Betty's picture I just keep it in my note book. I have quite a few snapshots that everyone has sent. If you send any pictures round up a couple of me in civilian life some of the guy swant to know what I look like.

I can't get pictures taken here and I'm afriad if I could I couldn't send you any with my wool suit on as I don't even have one they took them away from us when we came across all we have is cotton uniforms.

That was quite a deal you ran into when you went to help Lew do his chores I'll be looking for a write up in the papers and find out if you have to be a witness.

Sure glad you are going to have plenty of pork that's the main thing if they get to be $25 per pound I'd eat all I could any how. Keep me posted on how the Silver horse is breaking out and say Dad are horses very high there now look around and see if you can find a mate to that Grey horse or else sell him and buy me a matched team put some more money with it of course. You can get quite a lot of good out of them if your mares all have colts.

Well I guess I've said enough for this time I'll try and write again soon I have to write to Virginia and god knows who all. Hope everyone is well and don't worry I am fine.

Lots of Love