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Wesley to Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins, 03/24/1943 

March 24, 1943 "South Sea Isles"

Dearest Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins

As Dad says I will endeavor to write you a few lines to let you know I am still going strong. its been quite some time since I wrote but just couldn't get around to it any sooner you see I've been moved to a diff group of Islands is the reason. I can't tell you much about to trip except I never got sea sick. I can't tell you anything about these Islands either I suppose Lloyd could if he knew where I was as he's probably been all around here.

You folks are going to have to be satisfied with one letter this time I'll send it to Aunt Ruth as I owe her a letter the longest time however I got Birthday cards from both Aunt Mattie's and Aunt Ruths last night. The next letter I'll send to Aunt Mattie's will that be all right? I never can think of much to say maybe between the both of you I can fill up a couple of pages.

I got quite a few Birthday cards I guess most everyone thought about my birthday. I spent the day on guard so I wasn't too happy anyway I didn't mind so much.

Its been rainin ghere all day sure does rain hard. I suppose they could use some of this water back in Nebraska.

Yes I was pretty surprised when I heard about Jean and Glenn but I didn't blame them much if they really aren't afraid to take the chance.

About packages sometimes we like to get packages but there's nothing much we can have. As its hard to carry around and we can't have anything sent from home that we can get here.

They tell me that Virginia is running a shoppe at Orchard now I hope she makes out all right she sure has worked hard. She writes me a letter every other day. She used to write every day when I was in the states.

I'm glad Selma that you like your school take a picture of all your kids and send it to me. I'd like to send some pictures but I can't get any taken and i'm not allowed to have a camera now.

Lois I'm glad you have a good job and like it I'd like to drop in on you one of these days. But I won't. I'm also glad Ruthie and Bessie are buying stamps so I'll have plenty of bullets they will have to buy lots of them cause I'm a gunner and have a gun that can shoot more than 500 per minute.

The boys Jerome and Kenneth are fine I see them every day they sure are lots of company we get together and talk about olden times and some of the future.

How is barber business now? I suppose its pretty good there, I hope.

The worst part of this Island is we have to do our own laundry [ about one sentence censored ]

Well folks guess I've had my say this time. I'll write again in the next week or so It's still raining and almost chow time now so guess I better go get it Good Night.