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Wesley to Virginia, 02/21/1943 

(V-Mail) "South Sea Isles"

Dear Sister

Just a few lines to let you know I am OK and thinking about all of you's at home you know it was just one year ago today since I was inducted that's a hell of a long time in the army.

Don't know much only I got the letter telling me about how our little sister went and done it we sure is slipping ain't we. But I says just give it time and we'll show them won't we?

I haven't been getting many letters so don't know much of the happenings at home out side of that. I got a letter from Aunt Ruth and Selma and they had heard so news travels pretty fast.

Gee Sis its almost chow time I've been reading most all day so never got so many letters wrote. However this is three. I went to a show last night "Men from Texas" was the name sure was good. I guess there's another one tonight so suppose I'll go too.

Letters sure are hard to write any more but I guess just to tell you that everything is alright and hope you are all OK is as much as matters. I'll try and write some more soon don't worry.

Love Wesley