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Lloyd Barnes to Uncle Laurence, 02/19/1943 

Feb 19, 1943

Dear Uncle Laurence and Family:

Well I finally got around to write you a line or two. About all I do around here is write letters and fly, and I go to quite a lot of shows.

Do you hear from Wesley every week? How is he getting along?

Well it wonít be long now until the winter will be over, and it doesnít seem like we have had any winter yet, especially down here.

Well I finally made Staff Sgt. Boy I have been sweating that rating out for a long time. I had begun to think I wasnít going to get that rating.

I guess all the boys are across now but me, and I looks like I will be here for a long time yet, but I would much rather get on a combat crew. A fellow had got too much responsibility being an Instructor, because we have to sign our nave when we check a student Engineer off, and if he isnít what he should be, they come back and give us the devil.

I got a letter from Virginia the other day and I have got to answer that today some time.

I have got to fly 5 hours tonite. I think we are going to New Orleans. We went to Dallas the other night for a couple hours, and got back at 2:00 oíclock in the morning.

Has Laurence Guy heard any more about when he has got to go to the Army?

Well I hear the boys hollering chow time so I will sign off and go eat. Thatís the best part of this Army.

Goodbye For Now


Lloyd (Write sooner than I Did.)