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Wesley to Folks, 02/14/1943 

February 14, 1943 "South Sea Isles"

Dearest Mother & Father

I received a couple of swell letters from you the passed week but was unable to answer until today then I've been reading a couple Graphic I got and sleeping a little to catch up. What I've lost, shining shoes painting equipment and so the day got by we have so little time to take care of our Equipment that it takes Sunday and every minute.

I sure was glad to get the letter about you getting some more calves and am glad they are doing good. Only don't be so particular about the quality I think any kind is a good investment Sure has been quite a few sales.

Sure was glad you heard from Wallace. I'm going up to see him some day but seems I'm always tired or busy.

I just got through writing to Betty. I haven't heard from her for quite a few times but the mail has been so mixed up some so am in hopes I'll hear soon.

The other night we had the pleasure of seeing Joe E Brown in person sure was a good morale builder and believe me they sure needed it. He also had the great composer Johnny Marvin he sang some songs and we really enjoyed him too.

Was glad you talked to Charly and Mr. Smith I got a letter from Toad sure likes his job wish he was here with me I sure get lonesome for company some times.

The way they are drafting men don't suppose it will be long until Laurence will be in. I sure admire his spirit the American soldiers sure has to have lots of spirit. They can be compared with hot blooded horses.

Well folks its late and I'm ready to fall asleep now so better stop hope all of you are well and happy I'm fine. I wrote Ginny a line or two last night. I'll write some more during the week. Goodnight.

Your Brick-Top Son Ha! Ha!