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Wesley to Virginia, 02/13/1943 

February 13-1943 "South Sea Isles"

Dearest Sister

There isn't any news but will drop you a few lines to let you know I was OK and thinking about you all at home.

We had a pretty tough week. I didn't ever think the human body could take so much punishment. If anyone had told me a year ago that I was going to be doing what I am now I sure would have called him a damn liar.

The other night we got to see Joe E Brown in person he put on a show for us we sure laughed he had a guy with him this Johnny Marvin I believe his name was anyway he is the composer of most of the some Gene Autry sings. He sang some songs for us too and among them was White Christmas sure is pretty.

I got a letter from Stub and Load they sure talk like they are having the time of their life I'm for them.

James Smith said he had gotten a letter from you. And had answered it. he's kinda funny no body likes him very good he is a wind jammer they call him "Hollywood Smith" in L Company.

Well Ginny guess I have already run out of anything to say and its getting long about chow time I'll write the folks a letter tomorrow. I'm planning on going swimming so I don't want to leave too much. Hope all of you are standing the cold weather. I am wringing wet with sweat from the time the sun comes up till it sets. Good-night and Love