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Wesley to Folks, 02/07/1943 

(V-Mail) "South Sea Isles"

Dearest Folks

Just a few lines to let you know I am feeling well and received a good letter from you with the pictures of Lloyd and Darold they sure are good.

We had a band contest last night they played some new pieces and then afterwards we saw a double feature show. First "True to the Army" with Judy Conova and Jerry Colonna sure did get some good laughs out of it even if I did see it once before. Then they showed "Friendly Enemies". I don't remember just who played but it showed how fifth columnists and German spys worked. Pretty good show I thought.

Its almost time for dinner we are supposed to have chicken for dinner. But I know it isn't going to be like home fried chicken I used to get.

I got a nice long letter from Aunt Rinnie she sent me a picture of Lloyd too I'm going to answer her letter this afternoon.

As far as I know the boys are all well and happy as possible I feel good we got some shots yesterday but they never bother me any more I have so many needle holes in me now I look like a sive. Well they say come and get it so guess I better go So Long and don't worry. Hope every one is feeling good.