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Wesley to Folks, 01/31/1943 

Sunday January 31, 1942 (sic) "South Sea Isles"

Dearest Folks

Well here goes for a few lines there isn't any news to speak of but its Sunday and I know you always expect me to write on Sunday I don't think I ever failed did I?

I got quite a few letters this week and some more Christmas cards and the package Aunt Rinnie sent sure do like the pictures I at least have one of you now Mother and Dad too. She sent me two packages of razor blades which I can use pretty handy. I have 25 real pretty card I'm going to try and keep them to show everybody.

Yesterday was payday so the boys are gambling today. I never have taken part in any gambling since I've been in the army. And besides today is Sunday I don't figure I'm any nicee, nicee, either, the boys are all good enough fellows but have to do something for entertainment.

Well January is over it won't be long until I've been in a year sure has been a torture but I don't think it will be so long until everything will be all right again.

I had to work this afternoon for a while so it kinda put a crimp in my letter writing. I did write to Betty and Laurence & Evelyn. I was going to make a big hole in them.

There's going to be a show tonight at nine o'clock and its almost dark now so better be getting ready.

I got my Photographer's pass so I can have a camera. Betty said she was sending me one, I sure can get some nice pictures here.

I hope Virginia had a happy Birthday I thought about her all day that day.

Well folks guess I better stop this isn't much of a letter but want you to know I am thinking about you and am feeling good and hoping you all are too. Good night and I'll be seeing you.

Lots of Love