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Wesley to Folks, 01/24/1943 

"South Sea Isles" January 24, 1943 Sunday

Dear Folk

Well another week has passed and I never wrote any letters so I have to hurry and answer all I got. I got three from you one from Betty and two from Aunt Ruth and Selma also one from Evelyn.

There isn't much news I feel good except I'm a little stiff we had a endurance test to see what our physical conditions was like we made 4 miles in 42 minutes Jerry Ken Cadawallader and I also 1 guy from North Dakota believe me thats moving with almost 60 lbs of equipment on your back too. Running most of the way.

Aunt Ruth sent me some stamps a picture of her and Uncle Everette and also $2 said for me to get something I needed. They talked like everything there was all swell and good.

I got some Christmas cards from Fern and also one from Fred & Ora everybody sure did remember me this year. Sure do appreciate it to tell all of them I don't get to thank and I'll try and write.

Was glad to hear you were getting the corn mostly out and that the weather hadn't been so terrible bad.

Today is Virginia's Bithday sure hope she has a chance to celebrate a little sure doesn't seem like she's going to be 22 year old.

Jerry just got his card from you the other day sure must have got help up some place.

Gee folks I have so many letters to write and nothing to say I almost hate to mail letters any more they seem so dry.

I'm going to write some V-mail letters now they say they go pretty fast and are pretty sure of getting there.

I could go swimming this afternoon but am pretty sleepy so think I will rest and write some more letters so excuse this and don't worry about me your last letter was written Jan 4th.

Lots of Love