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Ruth, Everett, & Selma to Sis, Bro & Kiddies, 01/20/1943 

Jan 20-43

Dear Sis, Bro & Kiddies: How are all of you fine I hope, have you heard from Wesley we haven't heard from him since just after Thanksgiving, but we keep writing to him, let me know soon will you please. I get so worried when I can't hear. We had a letter from Lloyd mailed Christmas day saying he had left Pearl Harbor, said he would send us another package as soon as he came back, so I think he was going back to the Fiji Islands again, because the package he sent were things he had gotten at Fiji & Suva Islands, he took that way of letting us know where he was I hope he comes through again O.K.

I am so worried about him, there have been lots of boys lost from here. I told him to keep a watch for a red head he should know all the time, I am sure he will know as Wesley is all the red head we have in this awful mess, Rays boys are still in the U.S. & so is Wayne, hope it is over before they have to go. How are all the Kids, O yes what about Laurence Jr. or have you heard any more you haven't written since XMas. I wish you lived in the next house so I could talk to you. We don't see Matties so often since gas has been rationed.

I am feeling lots better but am weak it seems I can't stand to do much, but have gotten things kinda finished up or caught up since I was sick things were so behind washing & cleaning, so we have all pitched in & have most everything cleaned up as good as one can in a house that has not been cleaned for 5 years the walls are so dirty.

When are you coming up, please hurry up & come.

The wind is blowing a gale here today from Sat. morning it was from 32 to 36 below till Tue A.M. sure was hard on us as we had been having such nice weather my rheumatis still bothers me, my hands cramp so I can't hardly write or work at times, seems to come & go.

(Jan 21)

Selma called this morning and wants us to come out & get her Friday morning she has 8 or 10 new kids in school & they have to make her school house larger for her, she can't get them all in when they get through it will be about the size of your bed room. The wind is still blowing terrible & the sand is an inch thick on everything this morning I will have to clean house as soon as it stops, I dreamed about Lloyd & 7 rank B. last night thought they were fishing also dreamed about Mother & she was crying so.

I don't sleep much these days, & when we get a telephone call I almost think my heart will stop.

Matties are all fine only little Ruthie & she is so poor she looks like she can't stand up much longer, but has been eating a little better again, she just won't eat at all, guess when it gets warm she & I will come down & stay a while with you & stay out side all the time. I am so tired of staying in & so is she.

is Virginia still working also Jean wish some of you would come up and stay for a while so we wouldn't have to stay alone so much. I cooked deer meat Tue, my it [Transcribers note: Section of the page missing here, so only 2/3 of remaining page available] cold wish you could come ...we have it in a locker when we want too. We also ...hope left but I would rather ...of a nice old pig. ...working at the drug store, she ...from Al only through Lloyd ...x month, I wrote Lloyd to ...Al didn't write but he never ...They think it is some military ...Lloyd sent me a package in Als ...know (don't mention it when ...sister dear I must close ...Lloyds letter, they say V letters ...sending one of each by ...of Love to you All.

Ruth, Everett & Selma