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Wesley to Laurence, 01/17/1943 

January 17, 1943 Sunday

Dearest Brother

Just been sitting here writing to Betty and ran out of news so thought I would write you a line or two. Suppose you are enjoying your self out to "marry's" today. Or do you get enough Gas to go see her as often as you did. But there's always that Buckskin horse you can fall back on. And believe me if you're anything like your older brother you wouldn't hesitate to use him for that purpose.

I've heard about you trying to enlist in the army. I sure do admire your bravery and everything but think you would have been lots better off if you had went back to school, but also think you can do just as much at home. I hope you are helping Dad lots and if you get short of money don't be afraid to say so I've got quite a bit just itching to get spent.

How is Mary? I've been going to write to her but I never get everything did I should you can let her ready this. I'll consider you as one family how is that. I've written to all the kids but Jean now and I'm going to write to her first chance I get.

There's a show tonight I have to walk about 2 miles to see it but that's nothing for Infantry Men hope its good.

Did you and Load have lots of fun while he was home I presume you will be brother-in-laws one of these fine days.

How much corn did you pick this year? Did you pick for anyone but Dad?

My tent sure is one heck of a mess papers and things strung all over. Think I will have to have a detail to clean it up.

Gee kid there isn't anything to write. You hadn't ought to have any competition at dances now had you? But you never did lack for partners.

I was on guard last night so am kinda sleepy. I think about tomorrow I'll be on KP (K.P. tomorrow & extra detail the next if he start getting in gear.) (Cpl Cad.)

Cadawallader messed this up he thought I was writing to betty he's a pretty good corporal if I do have to say so.

Well kid guess I'll sign off this time write soon you too Mary and I'll write the next letter to you.