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Wesley to Folks, 01/16/1943 

January 16, 1943 Saturday

Dearest Folks

Will make an attempt to answer some of the swell letters I received a day or so ago. They sure were swell and told me a lot of thing I wanted to know. About how everything was and what you were doing. Three of them Dad wrote.

So Charles Kubart (?) is still home. The letter I got from Quentin Mlinar she said Charles got a three month deferment and then was boasting about not having to get up early mornings because there was nothing to do. I don't know how a guy like that could look a man in the service in the face. He wouldn't me. I've always wanted an excuse to take some conceit out of that guy. It isn't quite so bad with Robert but bad enough.

You bet I could go for some of that good home fattened pork you were telling about. And some of that home made butter the butter we get here is canned and just rolls up on you tongue sure can't go it. Also could stand a few glasses of milk. No I haven't had any milk to drink since I left the states.

I wrote Avis a letter yesterday I had a chance to write quite a few letters last week so did, but didn't have any to much of a place to mail them. Now I have a place to mail them again and probably won't get a chance to write so many. But such as it is there isn't any of it honey and roses but I'm also glad I'm serving my country and not home being called a draft dodger, as much as I would like to be there.

Oh Yes I did get a letter from Betty when New Year's even come pretty fast and it was a V-Mail too. Was glad to hear that the weather this year at that time wasn't as cold as last year hope it continued. I also got 2 letters from Selma she talked like everyone there was well and happy.

I'm sure glad you got a good price for your turkeys, but I'll bet you worked hard raising them too. Izetta said "Spot" was trying to steal theirs trying to call them all "No 2s" (?). Yes and I must tell you I got the nicest gold knife and chain from them it sure is pretty. They sent some candy gum too. I guess I told you about Aunt Francis sending me some pictures and razor blades didn't I?

I got three Graphics and 2 Stuart papers so have been reading some home news. Sure is good even if it is 6 weeks old.

I haven't been getting so many letters from Virginia but I suppose its with her like here nothing to write but the same old things I just happened to think she was going to have a birthday pretty soon, so I wrote her a letter and wished her a Happy Birthday hope she gets it.

Well folks guess this is all I know this time I'll write some more soon maybe tomorrow if I get time. Good night and don't worry.