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Wesley to Charley and Izetta Tasler, 01/12/1943 

January 12, 1943

Dear TC Folks,

If you donít mind a pencil, I will write you a few lines. You probably have been wondering what has happened to your old cow hand. Well a lot of it I canít tell. To begin with, things have been pretty unsettled and other things have come before letter writing. Nevertheless, Iíve been hoping the Folks have kept you posted on some news of me. Iím fine now. Feel good outside of losing some weight. I am much the same as always.

Howís everybody? Fine, I hope. They tell me the winter so far has been nice. Thatís good with help so short, work wonít be so hard. Just thinking last night while trying to go to sleep, how I would like to be there to sleep in a clean, warm, dry bed. To have Charley call me in the morning to eat good hot cakes off a china plate, to see four good horses pull, see good cattle eat, fix wagon tongues, face cold north winds and last of all, come in at night and beat Delores to the table and call her nigger baby. Thatís the way a guyís mind runs, especially a guy that can only love that kind of work. Makes a guy feel pretty down-hearted to think heís spending the best years of his life away from it. I only hope that some day, part of my daydreams come true and what I am doing here will help you back there.

Quentin tells me you are sporting a new fur coat, Izetta. I donít begrudge you one hair of it. Let it fit tight and tell me how everyone reacts. It took a lit of turkey choreing to get it and if some of the rest would stay at home and do some, they could have one too. Quentin sure been swell to write. I think I would have been a lot better off to have fell in love with a girl like her. Who knows, maybe it isnít too late yet. (ha) (ha)

Guess I better start thanking you for the swell Christmas present. I sure find plenty of use for it. I got lots of nice presents, 17 packages in all. Who says I havenít any friends? Got enough toilet articles to start a drug store.

I donít remember if I told you before about getting a letter from Bob and Hazel. Bob bought 3,000 head of cattle in Texas. Some of them ran over him and crippled him up pretty bad. But was getting better when they wrote. Do they ever come up or do you hear anything of them?

I got to go eat some chow now. Iíll add a few more lines later.

January 13, 1944

I didnít get this finished last night so better write a little more and mail it. Howís all the horses? Charles isnít the only one that has a pinto now. I got one. Dad bought me an Arabian mare and is on another deal to get a full sister to her. Then Iíll have two.

There isnít anything else I can think of so may as well stop. Hope this finds you all well and happy and itís a little late but also hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. So Long and Love, Wesley