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Wesley to Charley and Izetta Tasler, 01/11/1943 

Dear Charley, Izetta,and kids Monday

I received your letter a few days ago but have been rather busy and didnít get around to answer until now. Every thing is much the same as always only each day seems to get hotter. Most every day I go for a swim in the ocean which refreshes me lots for a few minutes.

Well most of the holidays have passed and all I can say is they were like other days to me. Not at all like last year on New Years Day. I froze my face and rode against 20 below zero wind horse back to see my girl. This year all I could do was think about it and wish I could do it again.

This year for Christmas the folks sent me a 17 jewel watch for a present. Virginia, Betty, Evelyn and Laurence sent me presents too so I did have some Christmas. I got lots of pretty cards, too.

Iím glad everything is well with you folks. You got your corn out in good shape and all the heifers did good with their calves. I think they did real well. Who are they standing the winter? I suppose you will wean the calves in the spring. Did you buy any calves this year? Dad has been buying a few for me. Wish I could see them. Not very many but maybe they will grow into a herd some day.

I got another letter from Quentin Mlinar the same day I got yours. She writes real long letters and are very interesting. She tells things about what Charley does and says. That makes me laugh. She also told me about getting vaccinated and about seeing you and that Charles and Delores were vaccinated the same day. How do you like needles, kids? Wait until you have over 40 punched into you. Then you wonít mind them one bit. Just shake your arms a little and forget you were shot.

Gosh folks there isnít much I can write about. All the boys here are fine. I saw Wally OíConnell one night just before Christmas. He is fine, too. The boys Lloyd and Darold sure must have had a swell time while they were home. I sure do envy them.

Gee kids, I have so many letters to write and so little time to do it in, Iím just going to make them short this time. I just want to tell you I got your letter and I enjoyed it very much. I always do, your letters. Tell the kids to write next time. I havenít heard from the Coopers lately. So long and Iíll be seeing you soon.

As Ever