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Wesley to Folks, 01/10/1943 

January 10, 1943 Sunday

Dearest Folks

Seems as tho Sunday is the only time I ever get any letters written. I haven't heard from any of you this week execpt I got a Christmas card day before yesterday from Avis. Sure is pretty, I got some more Christmas cards from Aunt Francis, Betty, Laurence and Evelyn. Evelyn sent me a picture of Arthur and Clifford and Aunt Francis sent some pictures of all her boys some of Darold and Lloyd while they were home and of the Saw mill while Uncle Elmer was at their place sawing lumber. I also got a swell letter from Quentin Mlinar and another from aunt Mattie she tells me Lyle is an officer now. Guess that proves all cowboys aren't so dumb after all. She also said Lloyd had found Al and that he was OK. I just got through writing to Aunt Mattie and Aunt Francis.

Say Dad when you see Harry Cadawallader or any of them tell them Kenneth is here and also any of Baums too.

Well I've had a little chow and feel some better so will write a few more lines. I've been washing out some socks and a towel so I won't run out before I get back to camp.

You ask in one of your letters if you could send me a radio. No nothing but a shortwave radio is much good here and they aren't too successful to my opinion. The company has one but seems that it's always broke.

I had a nice swim in the Ocean this morning there's a nice sandy beach and the water isn't only about waist deep so is lots of fun riding the breakers in.

How many of my allotment payments have you gotten so far? Do you get one every month?

I have to write to Betty yet so guess I better stop for now, I hope you are all feeling good I am. I guess its really been cold there hasn't it?

Good night and don't worry. I was sure glad to hear Laurence wasn't in the army.

Lots of Love