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Wesley to Folks, 01/01/1943 

January 1, 1943

Dear Folks: Well it's a new year and I must write you a line or two so you will know everything is alright. It isn't as cold here as it was at home last year today. I hope it isn't cold there either.

I got your letters with the poetry and also telling me that Laurence never went to the Army. I don't believe he will have to go either. I'm going to write him a letter bit I just don't have time to do any writing.

I'm glad Virginia had lots of fun while Irwin was home. I'd like to drop in home too. I bet I'd enjoy myself too.

I sure like the plans for the barn. You can easily put sheds on it later if you want to can't you? I sure am anxious to have a look as it.

Gee Mother I can't think of anything to write long letters. I'm sorry I don't write much in my letters, but there really is nothing to say, only I'm feeling good.

My watch keeps good time. I took the gold band off and got me a leather one to put on it. I like it better every day.

What's all this about Virginia starting a Beauty Shoppe in Stuart? You mentioned something about that in your last letter.

Gee folks I started this letter day before yesterday and didn't get it mailed, so will write some more tonight, Sunday Jan 3rd '43. There isn't anymore news, only I am real well and outside of being tired sometimes, I am getting along good. I ante about 2 doz. bananas today.

We didn't have much time off over any of the holidays, so can't tell you much of what we did. We had Turkey for Christmas but that's all I can say for it.

I wrote a letter to Sylvia, Bill, Betty and you today, so little by little I am getting my letters caught up. I still have a whole lot of them left to answer.

I went for a horseback ride tonight, sure was glad to feel a horse under me again, even if he wasn't too active. I sure would like to show the boys here how really active a good cow horse is.

Well folks, guess I'll stop for tonight. There isn't any more to say. I hope you are well and happy.

I heard tonight that the war news in other parts sounds good. Good night, Love-------Wesley