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Wesley to Folks, 12/30/1942 

December 30, 1942 Wednesday

Dearest Folks: Seems like I'm always in a hurry when I write to you, but am going to try and make it a letter. I guess the main thing is I am well and everything else here is normal.

I had time to write you a letter last night but they had a picture for us and I went. I'm sure you won't mind. The show was good. "How Dangerously we Live," we really enjoyed it.

I got the letters you wrote and the plans of the barn and the same day I got a letter written Dec 9th & Oct 13th, quite a difference in delivery time. Then last night I got a letter from you written Dec 17th telling me how Laurence didn't make the Army like he wanted to. Say kid I think it's just about as well. You can do just as much at home and more then lots of guys do in the Army. I know it's hell to just sit and think about it, but I don't think things will last so much longer.

Was glad to hear Irwin was home and Virginia had some fun.

You bet I do wish I was there to skin a few (nubbins?) and also bale some hay. I'd love that. Are you going to bale that straw pile you were talking about? It sure would make a swell wind break for small calves.

Well folks, it's about time to go. I'm not going to get much sleep tonight. Betty sent me some more stamps, so I'll send this airmail. Good night and Love-------Wesley