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Lloyd Barnes to Uncle Laurence, 12/26/1942 

Barksdale Field

Dec. 26, 1942

Dear Uncle Laurence and Family:

I received your letter about a week ago. I should have answered it sooner, but I couldnít get around to it.

Well Christmas is over, and sure had plenty to eat, but it didnít seem like Christmas. It was so darn warm, we didnít even need to wear a coat. I suppose you had a white Christmas back there. Dahl and I went to a Christmas party at the Methodist church in town. We really had a lot of fun.

Does Laurence Guy know when he will be called to the army? I hope it is all over before he is called.

My Pilot told me the other day that I would have to be his co-pilot when we went across so I have been doing quite a lot of flying by myself lately. I would rather fly a plane than drive a car.

Brown and Deslems got back from Florida last night. They said they flew just 5 ft. off the water down there.

Well it is chow time so I guess I will sign off for this time.

Goodbye for Now