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Wesley to Folks, 12/25/1942 

December 25, 1942 Friday

Dearest Folks,

Will just write you a few lines to let you know everything is well here. We had a good dinner and I just got through writing Betty a few lines. I planned on writing letters all afternoon but found out I have to go on duty at 3:30 so will have to make this short as it's getting close to that time now. (excuse please)

They are having a party tonight but won't be able to see it or take part. Jerry saw Wally last night and he is swell.

I got your letter that you wrote right after you received my fist letter and the diagram you sent of the new barn. Have you got any windows in it? How big is your haymow door.

Gee the wind is sure blowing here today but it's about 100 degrees warmer than last year. I got the package Betty sent today, it didn't all get here. They had rewrapped it and sent what was saved. Well folks, I'll have to guit now and I'll write more Sunday I won't have time before. I hope you all had a good dinner and got lots of nice things for Christmas.

Lots of Love