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Wesley to Folks, 12/19/1942 

Dec 19, 1942 Saturday Night

Dearest Folks: Just a few lines to get started writing tonight it's about the first time I have really had to write for some time. First of all I want to thank you for the swell Christmas present or presents I should say. I got the watch and the other box (censored) came through in swell shape. I sure like the watch it was just what I wanted, it keeps perfect time. I wasn't going to open it until Christmas but I couldn't wait. The toilet kit Virginia sent I needed too. It will just fit in my pack and keep my toilet articles from getting all bent up. The candy was all good too.

I also have got 29 letters in the last two days from everybody almost. I have 6 pretty Christmas cards too. But I still haven't received the package Betty and Evelyn sent. I got both of yours the same time.

Its been raining here every day so is hard on clothes. I haven't been washeing my own lately because I don't have time.

You ask about my lips, they have been well for a long time but I sure do have to baby them or they would sun burn.

I just got 4 more letters from you, Aunt Emma, Izetta and Virginia sure was surprised to hear from Aunt Emma. I'll have to answer soon. I also got 2 papers. Havent looked at them yet but there is one advocate and one Graphic.

Tomorrow is another day for us. We don't stop for Sunday any more. But its just as well the time passes faster altho I would like to write some letters. I have to get up at 5:00 o'clock in the morning so better stop for tonight. I'll write to some more of you tomorrow so better save some news. I'm about out of air mail stamps so will send this free. Some times they go about as fast anyhow. Cadwallader is laying on his bunk reading the Stuart paper to me. Guess I told you I was first gunner in his squad now so sleep in the same tent. There is boys in here from 4 different states and are all good fellows. I won't have a change to go to church as usual in the morning.

We have to have before drill call every day now so that makes us hurry in the mornings. I have plenty of blades. I've been getting some from you. Some time when you send me a package sned that double edge razor we can buy blades for them usually. Good night and lots of love


Don't worry.