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Wesley to Folks, 12/13/1942 

Dec 13, 1942 Sunday

Dearest Mother and All.

Its Sunday again and everything is well hear as fars as I know. I feel fine as can be and hope you all feel the same.

I received your letter of the 17th (Nov.) with the razor blades. I didn't need them so bad I got 12 the other day or I would have been out. They aren't so strict about shaving hear but I like to have my whiskers off it feels so much better and I know it helps my looks.

It's only 12 more days until Christmas seem about like it ought to be the 4th of July.

I was glad to hear you were getting some of the corn out and the barn was about done, Gee I wish I could see it. I don't know the least thing about it. I suppose you have wrote all about it but I never have heard. I know there is some of my letters I never will get. They are in the bottom of the ocean.

I wrote Betty a letter and read some today that is about all.

Mother my oxfords are fine. I could count the times I have had them on since I've been in the army, on my fingers. I keep my G.I. shoes shined up pretty good so they don't look so bad. We don't have any use for civilian shoes.

I got a real nice letter from 18 of the club women, the boys sure laughed.

I just had to stop and light a candle, so I could see to finish this. I sure have a time trying to think of something to say.

I haven't hear any of the particulars about Laurence quitting school. That sure was a crime, I guess he is really following his big brother's foot steps isn't he.

I didn't do any washing today. Think I will send some to the natives in the morning. We worked pretty hard last week so decided I would rest while I could.

I haven't gotten any Christmas presents yet. I sure hope they get here ok after everybody went to so much trouble to send them.

This sure isn't much of a letter but I can't think of any news. I should write to Virginia but I couldn't tell her anything but this so won't until a day or so.

Jean have you been getting letters from Glenn lately, I wish he was here I need a hair cut pretty bad. I get one about every 10 days.

Well guess this is going to be all tonight. I have a story I want to finish then I think I'll take a G.I. bath and go to bed. Good-night and don't worry. Love Wesley