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Wesley to Folks, 12/06/1942 

Dec 6, 1942 Sunday

Dearest Mother Dad and All.

It's about time I was writing to you again don't you think, guess I haven't written since last Sunday.

There isn't any news to speak of, everything here is swell it's cool and rainy hear today and we sure do enjoy it. We sure have had some hot weather.

Just got through eating dinner we had roast beef and mashed potatoes, not bad at all. I got my mess gear filled up and came to the tent to eat so didn't have to sit in the rain.

It's probably pretty cold at home isn't it. My last letter from you is almost a month old, that is when it was written (Nov 8th). I didn't get but one letter this week that was one from Betty and was written Nov 4th. I got it Monday.

I sure am looking for some mail this week.

We were out last night until late and when we came in they had donuts an coffee for us and I didn't sleep much the rest of the night, so am pretty tired. I did so some washing but it isn't getting dry very fast hanging out in the rain.

How well I remember a year ago this time, I was a pretty happy guy, until things started popping.

The showed us another show Thursday night, It was pretty good, but they had a lot of trouble with the machine.

I had to drop the sides down on the tent so it makes it pretty dark in here.

It seems like I don't write very much but there isn't any more to say. Take care of your selves, I'm fine as can be. Tell every body hello and Merry Christmas.

Lots of Love


Thursday Dec 10, 1942 Gee you know what I did I wrote you a letter Sunday and thought I had mailed it, and tonight when I got all set to write another I found I still had it. I sure am sorry. I hope you didnít worry either. I havenít got any more mail to speak of just one letter from all the Club members. It sure was good.

Iím not going to bore you with any more tonight. I havenít got any Xmas presents yet.

Good night and lots of love. Wesley

P.S. I sent you a Xmas telegram I donít know what it will say so tell me.