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Wesley to Folks, 11/27/1942 

November 27, 1942

Dear Folks Just a few lines to let you know I'm ok. I haven't received any letters from you for a long time, but it isn't your fault. The last ones I got was from Audette and Avis. I don't know any news. We had Thanksgiving here same as ever. The turkey was good, but not like it would have been at your table. Some of the North Dakota boys say they have snow back there, so if you don't have it, it's no doubt getting chilly. I'm going to wash and shave after I get this finished. I haven't shaved for three days are they are beginning to hurt. How is all the livestock making it? I don't have a chance to write to anyone such so you will have to tell them I'm still thinking about them and some time will write again. Avis wrote her letter while she was down to Orchard. She seemed to think she was having a good time. Is Laurence Jr. still hauling hay? He sure does have a good deal there. Tell him I think he better get married or go to the Army one. Well my space is running rather low and I don't know any more anyhow. Take care of yourselves and write often. I'll write again when I have a chance, but don't expect any very often. Don't worry. Love Wesley

Wesley R Slaymaker