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Wesley to Folks, 11/25/1942 

Nov 25, 1942 Wednesday

Dear Folks:

Its getting kinda late but must write you a few lines seems like its always late as I'm in a hurry but please don't consider them as poor excuses. I feel real good tonight I got lots of mail the last 2 days. Yesterday I got your package of my suite and shoes and the candy was swell a little out of shape but eatable anyway its all gone. The shoes fit and of course the suit too. Today I got 7 letters 1 Christmas Card from Aunt Mattie 2 letters from you 3 from Ginny and 1 from Betty they were all swell. Your last was written Nov 8th telling me all about the swell present you were sending me. I always wanted one but its really too nice to have here but I will take good care of it. Thanks a million and I will be looking for it.

Betty sent me some more stamps she sure has been good to write to me and everything I don't know what I would have did if she hadn't.

I sure enjoyed your letter Dad telling about the cattle drive. I'll bet you were tired did you bring them all in one bunch, you sure didn't have many riders. You must have had your hands full. Did you get the stretch out of that new rope, or whip the knot off the end of it.

Well Mother we are going to have turkey tomorrow as its Thanksgiving. Don't suppose it will be too good as they don't have any place to roast it but it will be turkey anyway. Sure won't be like Thanksgiving was last year. I hope Betty does eat dinner with you.

We had a show last night which every body enjoys. Do you and Dad ever go to shows Mother?

Gee I sure am looking forward to the pictures you mentioned you were you were going to take the barn and all. I don't know yet where you built it or the size or nothing.

Well folks its way passed my bed time and I can't think of any more to say I'll write to Ginny tomorrow night. We have to work tomorrow too so guess I better get some sleep.

Lots of Love and Kisses