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Wesley to Virginia, 11/23/1942 

November 23, 1942 Monday

Dearest Sister

Gee kid I sure have neglected you. Yesterday was Sunday and I never even wrote then. But seems like I never get anything done any more.

I got some letters from you last week. They were pretty old but I sure did enjoy them. I got my first Christmas card from Aunt Ruth too and also a letter from Selma telling me about Walter getting hurt.

The weather here is nice. We have had a little rain mostly at night so hasnít bothered much.

I hope you can read this. I am laying on my cot on my tummy, but I am kinda tired and itís the most comfortable position I can find. I wrote Betty and the folks yesterday, but thatís all. I sure am slipping.

I sure was glad to hear that Stub had been promoted. He sure has had a lot of luck lately.

I havenít gotten and Xmas presents yet. I ainít going to open then until Xmas anyhow but I sure am looking forward to them.

Well sis Iím going to quit tonight. Itís getting dark anyhow. I hope every one is fine. I am and donít worry.